The story as it is ...

Versum is your personal curator in the world of fashion and design. Having allied ourselves with top textile mills we are committed to bringing you the finest fabrics and eclectic patterns that will surely make your statement shine.

Our upcoming collections will be featuring the best local creative talent. From artists to architects, we will be collaborating with exciting creatives to bring you, the discerning aficionado, new patterns to proudly feature in your fashion collection.

Every bow tie is meticulously hand crafted in Toronto with love and attention in every detail. We hope that you will appreciate the level of craft put into every stage of development… from the fabric itself to the smallest stitch.

Each of our collections is a limited edition made from small-batch custom textile runs. So don’t hesitate when you see something you love!




Anna Antropova, the founder of Versum Collection, is a European born and Canadian raised designer and trained architect. With her unique sensibility that merges cultural boarders between two continents, Anna is emerging on the design scene as a curator and maker of both refined yet eclectic products.