Bow Tie Size Guide

We have crafted three unique sizes of bow ties that capture the spectrum of their expressiveness:

SKINNY: measures 1.5” (4cm) at its widest point. 

The skinny bow tie was first made popular in the “Rat Pack Era”. This is a great option for a fun evening on the formal side. When purchasing, make sure to account for the size of your head and lapels. Depending on proportions, the bow tie may look small.


THIN: measures 2” (5cm) at its widest point. 

Often confused for the Skinny, this tie is a fraction smaller then our Classic, and a touch larger then the Skinny. It gives off a sophisticated vibe, and is appropriately proportioned for most head sizes. 

CLASSIC: measures 2.5” (6cm) at its widest point. 

This is your standard bow tie, and will always look well proportioned. It doesn’t draw attention to itself because of size but rather because of its undeniable class.